Skipex Transfer Kit

129,00  ALV / TAX 24%

  • The Skipex Snowmobile Transfer kit makes it easy to move the vehicle on different surfaces.
  • 26 cm/10 inch air filled rubber tires with ball bearings roll smoothly on various surfaces and over thresholds.
  • The kit weighs in at 4.6 kg and the ski-mounted docks weigh 170g / piece

The series contains:

  • 2 x rubber wheels with reinforced steel rims
  • 2 x steel shafts
  • 2 x steel machined docks for  the installation on skis
  • 2 x shim boards for old model Blade skis (with sheet metal saddles)
  • 2 x M10 10.9 strength class ski bolts
  • 2 x M20 locknuts to secure a wheel


Kit introduction/ user manual video here.