Skipex Transfer Kit WITH SHORT AXLE

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Short axle can be installed in most snowmobile models. It gives a narrower track width and is better than the long axle for installation on the inside of skis.

The kit fits these factory-installed skis in modern models:

  • Ski-Doo / Lynx: all models except the Blade skis with metal saddles and Blade XC (fits in XC+), DS/ DS+
  • Arctic Cat: all models except the ProUte skis only by making a notch on the skis (Bearcat, Pantera, Norseman)
  • Yamaha: most models, except some older models such as Phazer
  • Polaris: all models except the Pro Float. The Gripper skis only with the attachments provided in the kit
  • not with extension skis

Retrofitted skis:

  • CA Pro most of the models
  • Blade XC+
  • Pilot all models except 7.4

Max. ski width from under the ski bolt (from the side of the ski) to the edge of the ski: approx. 30mm (1.2 inches). The structure of the ski affects the measure by +- 5mm (0.2 inches).

The kit includes three pairs of grade 10.9 bolts of different lengths for different sled models: 105mm, 135mm and 155mm (4.13 in, 5.31 in and 6.10 inches). The short axle comes with attachments for the Polaris Gripper skis. See installation image.

  • The Skipex Snowmobile Transfer kit makes it easy to move the vehicle on different surfaces.
  • 26 cm/10 inch air filled rubber tires with ball bearings roll smoothly on various surfaces and over thresholds.
  • The kit weighs in at 4.6 kg and the ski-mounted docks weigh 160g / piece

The series contains:

  • 2 x rubber wheels with reinforced steel rims
  • 2 x steel shafts
  • 2 x steel machined docks for  the installation on skis
  • 6 x M10 10.9 strength class ski bolts 4.13 in, 5.31 in and 6.10 inches + locknuts
  • 2 x M20 locknuts to secure a wheel
  • 2 x Polaris-Gripper add-ons (CHECK THE PICTURE FOR INSTALLATION)

Kit introduction/ user manual video here.

Skipex Transfer Kit WITH SHORT AXLE

159,00  Inc. VAT