moottorikelkan siirtopyörä kiinnike


Finnish patented innovation
Skipex is a Finnish innovation that has been developed, based on a clear need to facilitate the transfer of snowmobiles on dry land and on all types of surfaces. The product has a domestic patent and further applications are pending in the EU, US, and Canada.

Compact size and carriage protection structure
The Skipex transfer kit is the most robust and compact snowmobile transfer solution on the market. The kit consists of ski docks, shafts and wheels. Fixed-mounted docks allow it to always remain in the same position and remain attached while driving. The kit is also not in contact with the parts of the carriage and, for example, does not damage the plastic skis of the carriage. Thanks to its large pneumatic wheels, it can also drive on uneven surfaces and over thresholds.

The compact size makes it easy to transport the kit.

Fits on almost all snowmobile models
The Skipex kit can be fitted to almost all snowmobile models of this millennium. As a rule of thumb, you can mount on sleds on which the ski bolts are visible.

The transfer kit can also be fitted to the Blade ski on the old model sheet metal saddle, using the included shim plate. The design also takes into account the structure of the SLP and Blade DS skis, where the bolt is located half behind the plastic structure of the ski. The only ski models for which the transfer kit is not directly mounted are the CTRL skis by Lynx REX frame carriage and the extra wide skis on some worksleds.


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